Leaving the Anti-Vax Movement

Posted on Jun 2, 2016


By Dr. Wilson.

First, let me say that this post is not directed at any of our families here at CoMO Cubs, I am very pleased that we don’t have any anti-vax parents in the practice. This is for our families who have to deal with other friends or family members who may be putting pressure on you to be anti-vax. If so, please share šŸ˜‰


As a pediatrician, I make sure that I am staying very up to date with all of the newest scientific studies, findings, and recommendations. However, I also make sure that I am staying up to date with what the anti-scientists (like the anti-vax crowd) are spreading on all of the more dubious websites and Facebook pages.

I can honestly say that if I wasn’t as well-educated as I am with my science and medicine background, and if I didn’t know theĀ misstatements and lies when I saw them, then I can see how parents could read the anti-vax propaganda out there and be absolutely terrified of vaccines.

The problem is, as scary as they can make it sound, literally none of it is true. Nothing in medicine is as well-studied as vaccines are. There is more safety data concerning vaccines then anything else we prescribe or use in practice. There are no “toxins” that are harming kids in vaccines, it’s all misinformation and lies that are spread in most cases with a goal of profiting off of theĀ fear it creates.

With that background, I think this is an excellent post from a parent who was part of the anti-vax movement, and then realized that she was being duped. Please read if you would like any insight into what goes around the anti-vax circles!

Leaving the Anti-Vaccine Movement

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