MRSA in the Home

Posted on Sep 10, 2014


This is an interesting study for any families who have had recurrent abscess infections (most commonly caused by resistant Staph bacteria – MRSA).

Sheets, towels, TV remotes key reservoirs for MRSA contamination (click for full report)

Surfaces in households of children with MRSA infections are often contaminated with the same strain of bacteria, according to new findings, with the most frequently contaminated surfaces being bed linens (18 percent), TV remotes (16 percent), and bathroom hand towels (15 percent). Twelve percent of dogs and 7 percent of cats also were colonized with MRSA.

“These environments do likely play a role in the transmission between the household members, and may play a role in the development of infection,” Fritz said. It’s not clear, though, she added, whether “targeted cleaning” of those surfaces will decrease the spread of infection.