The truth about vaccinations

Posted on Aug 20, 2013


The truth about vaccinations: 

Your physician knows more than the University of Google.


The link above is one of the most systematic, well-written articles concerning the baseless claims of the anti-vaccine movement… If anyone is having doubts about vaccinating their children please read this and follow the links to do your own research. There’s a lot of mis-information these days and it seems like it’s becoming more of a “fad” in certain circles to be against vaccines. Unfortunately it’s a very dangerous fad and as a pediatrician, and a parent, I think it’s very important to know the facts.

“In Western cultures, we’re accustomed to framing every public issue as two-sided. People who refuse to acknowledge that there’s legitimacy to the other side are “unfair.” I think this viewpoint is really muddling the vaccine safety conversation. When the media presents scientists on one side, and Natural News on the other, it’s creating a false equivalency. The anti-vaxxers have no credible scientific evidence supporting their position, but placing them opposite a scientist makes it seem like there are two legitimate sides to this debate. There aren’t. The simple fact is that there’s overwhelming scientific consensus that the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism.”

I want any of my patients to be assured that there is no “conspiracy” or financial incentive for me, or any Doctor, to recommend vaccines. It is a huge monthly expense for me to even offer vaccinations (>$10,000 per month), and we are lucky if we break-even with what insurance companies reimburse us. I offer vaccines because I 100% believe it is vitally important to avoid going back to the death rates that children had in the middle-ages. The sad truth is that the anti-vaccine movement is killing children.

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