Link Between Tylenol and Asthma

Posted on May 7, 2013

The Link Between Tylenol and Asthma

An association between acetaminophen (Tylenol) use in children and an increased risk of Asthma has been seen over and over in studies for many years now, but the evidence finally seems definite enough that I personally would no longer use Tylenol in our children unless absolutely necessary…

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Too liberal use of acetaminophen in children should no longer be recommended. In the general pediatric population there is a good deal of epidemiological evidence suggesting that acetaminophen exposure increases asthma prevalence, and while awaiting the results of appropriate randomized clinical trials evaluating this intervention, yet to be designed and carried out, it seems reasonable to limit acetaminophen exposure to clinical settings where no alternatives exist, that is, when ibuprofen is not appropriate. In wheezing children, this recommendation is more strongly evidence based: this intervention (avoiding acetaminophen by using ibuprofen) has proved to decrease wheezing morbidity in this population in large and well-designed clinical trials.